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Our specific goals are to:

1. develop a pedagogical and competency framework to enable teachers to include wellbeing and mental health in all subjects.

2. Provide open learning scenarios and materials to include wellbeing in all subjects.

3. Develop teacher competences in relation to technology-related health issues and providing ready-to-use interventions

4. Facilitate collaboration for open learning across Europe

5. Provide evidence-based implementation guidelines

6. Produce future institutional and policy guidance Overall, we aim to empower schools and teachers at managing their digital transformation in a healthy environment.

The following results are planned:

  • R1: Overview of European distance learning positification (Requirements and Stakeholder Analysis)
  • R2: Competency Framework for Positive Digital Solutions
  • R3: Open Learning Scenarios and Exchange Platform (User Support Bundle)
  • R4: Distance Learning Positification Implementation Guidance
  • R5: Distance learning Positification Roadmapping

Together these form a comprehensive support system for educators and schools to address the key emotional challenges of digital learning by applying a positive computational/psychological approach beyond technological/digital solutions.

POSITIVE LEARN outcomes will support innovation, resilience and change to help schools and education systems manage the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and build support for change.