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POSITIVE LEARN is an ERASMUS+ project. Its aim is to support school professionals and modernise teacher education through curriculum innovations to support the effective adoption of digital technologies and innovative pedagogies in online education.

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, school education has massively shifted to online-only learning. However, many teachers and students were unable to use new technologies in a healthy way, leading to various psychological effects such as anxiety and stress. It became clear that well-being needs to be addressed in the context of the use of technology, and as teachers play a crucial role in the educational process, it is crucial that teachers become active agents of change in implementing technological innovations. However, current curricula do not take this into account and most teachers rely on the assumption that physical education classes are sufficient to ensure students’ mental and physical health.

POSITIVE LEARN will address this key challenge by (a) developing teachers’ competencies to ensure well-being and health; (b) providing learning scenarios and materials to mainstream wellbeing; and (c) creating a unique open exchange platform to foster skills development and collaboration across Europe.