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POSITIVE LEARN at the Learning from the Extremes Summer school

This year Positive Learn was part of Learning from the Extremes Summer school in Marathonas, Greece, 2-7 July 2023. The goal of the summer school was to present how rural schools can become hubs of learning and innovation in their communities, establish effective and sustainable partnerships and offer innovative experiences to students.

On the 4th of July, Positive Learn held an interactive workshop to raise teachers’ awareness of the mitigation strategies of technostress and to foster the development of their socioemotional e-competencies in the digital education and beyond. In total, 60 rural school teachers took part in the workshop all the way from Croatia, Finland, Greece, Germany, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

The workshop included short presentations of technostress, positive solutions, and the socioemotional e-competencies framework. Some of the activities of the workshop were an experiential interactive activity for technostress and mitigation strategies, mindfulness activities, mindfulness breaks and emotional self-awareness activity (recognizing and understanding your emotions). The final and main activity of the workshop was the digital dilemma scenarios for teachers. The participants worked in collaboration in groups and reflected on their experiences. At the end of the seminar teachers created their own hypothetical scenarios.

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