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Two papers presented at the END2023 conference in Lisbon, Portugal, explored important topics in education today: technostress in distance learning and the skills required of 21st century educators.

In their paper, “Technostress in Distance Learning: the POSITIVE LEARN project,” Pappa, Pawlowski, Clements, and Sotiriou (2023) examined the impact of technostress on distance education. Technostress is a type of stress that is caused by the use of technology. The researchers found that distance learners and teachers are at increased risk of technostress due to the demands of online learning, such as the need to be proficient in using multiple technologies and managing time effectively.

Pawlowski, Pappa, Clements, and Sotiriou (2023) also presented a paper on the skills required of 21st century educators. In their paper, “Covid-19: Rethinking the Skills Required of 21st Century Educators,” the researchers argued that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for educators to develop new skills, such as digital literacy, and that teachers need a combination of technical, pedagogical and social and emotional competencies to better deal with the challenges of educational technologies in distance learning.

The two papers presented at the END2023 conference highlight important issues in education today. Technostress and the need for new educator skills are challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure that all learners succeed.

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