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Play and explore the world of Artificial Intelligence (CS33)

Learning Scenario Description
Title “Play and explore the world of Artificial Intelligence”
CreatorDimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Main Idea / DescriptionThe objective of this scenario is to enable students to learn through a playful and engaging experience what is artificial intelligence. The game aims to foster a fundamental comprehension of AI, its current integration into our daily lives, as well as the associated risks and opportunities. Moreover, the scenario seeks to highlight the potential influence of AI on employment and various aspects of society.
Target Group(students’ age, learning level, background, disabilities)Students aged 13-18 years old
Curriculum & Learning SubjectsComputer Science
Competencies – Digital literacy
– Critical thinking
– Collaboration
– Problem-solving
– Ethical awareness
Teachers’ Wellness CompetenciesE-self management:Teachers need to adapt to new technologies and teaching methods, as seen in the integration of a digital game into the learning scenario. Being adaptable and managing stress are important wellness competencies for educators. They should be able to use the digital tool mindfully
Emotional e- independence: Staying informed about advancements in AI and educational technology is crucial for teachers. Engaging in continuous professional development helps teachers feel competent and confident in their roles.
Social e-competency: Teachers should be willing to help students improve their digital competence and facilitate collaboration in class
Emotional leadership/e-mediacy: Teachers by providing clear instructions and anticipating potential technological challenges minimize technostress for both themselves and students. This includes offering guidance, troubleshooting technical issues, and providing emotional support to ensure a positive learning experience for students.
Learning Scenario Framework
Pedagogical MethodGame-based learning, Collaborative learning
PI1. Emphasizing strengths (Lean on your strengths and have a positive mindset): The use of a student-centered approach is evident in the scenario, particularly through the collaborative learning method and the interactive game. The game allows students to explore AI concepts actively. Active engagement always promotes a better understanding.
PI4. Relationships support (Support and work well with others):Enhancing teacher-student relationships: The game and collaborative activities provide opportunities for teachers to engage with students, offering guidance and support as they navigate the AI exploration.
Promoting peer relationships: Collaborative learning encourages students to work together, share insights, and support each other, creating a positive and inclusive learning environment.
PI6. Encouraging engagement (Engage students in self-directed and dedicated learning):The game and related activities are designed to be enjoyable, and engaging reducing potential stress associated with technology use. 
Software & Materials– Computers or tablets with internet access
– “Adventure in Artificial Intelligence” game:
Evaluation Tools– Worksheets: Teachers should assess students’ comprehension of AI concepts and their ability to apply knowledge through the completion of worksheets.
– Class discussion: Teachers should evaluate student participation and understanding during class discussions.
– Self-Assessment: Evaluation quizzes are integrated into the game.
Learning Scenario Implementation
Learning Activities Description:
Students play individually or in groups the “Αdventure in AI” game. The game takes students into a strange new world where you can learn about A.I. by interacting with characters and solving puzzles! At the end of this course teacher asks students to complete the worksheets and motivates them to discuss their answers.Furthermore, the scenario adopts student-centered teaching methods, emphasizing the effectiveness of learning. The interactive game and collaborative activities are designed to actively involve students in exploring AI concepts, aligning with the principle that active engagement enhances comprehension and retention.


1.Follow the link and play the “Adventure of Artificial intelligence game”
2.Can you think of areas where AI is used? Write them down and compare your results.

3.Consider what impact it may have on the world of work if
a) vehicles drive autonomously

b) a supermarket functions without a cashier

c) computers perform face recognition for the police

d) robots take over dangerous and unhealthy work in industry

4.Describe in your own words what artificial intelligence is and what defines it.