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Physical health in the digital age (SC14)

Learning Scenario Description
Title  Physical health in the digital age
Creator         CreatorSeyma Kocak
Main Idea / DescriptionTechniques for stress reduction and the practice of digital detox
Students should understand the importance of physical health in the digital age and develop skills to improve ergonomics and reduce screen time. Developing an awareness of healthy lifestyle habits, including balanced nutrition and regular exercise, as well as learning stress management skills, are essential for promoting healthy sleep and overall well-being. 
Target GroupTarget Audience:Students
Duration: 5 week (45 min)
Curriculum & Learning SubjectsComputer Science, Sport
CompetenciesLearning Objectives:
– To be able to avoid health-risks and threats to physical and psychological well-being while using digital technologies.
– To be aware of digital technologies for social well-being and social inclusion
Teachers’ Wellness Competences Competences Teachers Need for Technostress Mitigation: 
– Knowledge of technostress risks and mitigation strategies.
– Ability to identify technostress risks in distance learning scenarios.
– Ability to design distance learning scenarios that mitigate technostress risks.
– Ability to support learners who are experiencing technostress.
– Ability to protect themselves from experiencing technostress.
Teacher socioemotional e-competencies:
Emotional e-awareness
Learning Scenario Framework
Pedagogical MethodWhat positive learning strategies are incorporated into the scenario to prevent or mitigate technostress?What is the focus of these positive learning strategies?
– Foster collaboration and support (Teacher-student and peer relationships)
– Promotion of Individual emotional well-being 
– Selection of suitable teaching methods for student-centred learning (effectiveness of learning)
Positive pedagogical interventions:
– PI4. Relationships support (Support and work well with others)
– PI5. Learning resilience (Learn to cope and become resilient)
Software & Materials 
Evaluation Tools
Learning Scenario Implementation
Learning Activities Introduction
Students receive an introduction to the topic and learn about the potential impacts of excessive screen time and technology use on physical health.
Students understand the impacts of digital technology on their physical health and learn practical strategies to promote health in the digital age.
Students read the information sheet, work on the worksheets, and document their experiences.
Students reflect on their own digital habits and create a list of activities where they spend the most time in front of screens. They also reflect on changes in their well-being and their habits in dealing with technology