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Dylan Thomas (CS37)

Learning Scenario Desc ription
TitleDo not go gentle into that good night, by Dylan Thomas 
Creator Nikos Zygouritsas
Main Idea / DescriptionThis lesson introduces part of Dylan Thomas’ work and poem “Do not go gentle into that good night”. Students read the poem and work collaboratively using Padlet to analyze and understand the poem and different figures of speech.  The lesson is designed for students in secondary classes and can be used in all subject domains by teachers with basic digital skills (Beginner level). The lesson can be completed in class or at home by the students.
Target Group Students aged 14-15 years old
Curriculum & Learning SubjectsLiterature, English as foreign language
CompetenciesLearning Objectives:In this activity, students:
– learn about the author, Dylan Thomas, by reading and working on a shared Padlet
– read the poem “Do not go Gentle into that good night”
– understand different figures of speech and the different meanings that words can express in poetry
– answer comprehension questions 
Teachers’ Wellness Competences – Emotional e-awareness
– Social e-competency 
– Emotional leadership/ e-mediacy
Learning Scenario Framework
Pedagogical Method– PI1. Emphasising strengths (Lean on your strengths and have a positive mindset)
– PI3. Enforcing attention and Awareness (Be attentive and aware)
– PI4. Relationships support (Support and work well with others)PI5. Learning resilience (Learn to cope and become resilient)
– PI6. Encouraging engagement (Engage students in self-directed and dedicated learning)
– PI8.  Focusing on Sense of purpose (Have a voice and be active)
Software & Materials – Internet connection
– Internet Browser
– Presentation Application (Microsoft Powerpoint)
– Design Software
– Padlet software
Evaluation Tools– Worksheets: Teachers can assess students through the completion of worksheets and/or online questionnaires
– Students’ work: Teachers can assess the work of the students, their presentations, artwork.
Learning Scenario Implementation
Learning Activities (Description, duration, worksheets         worksheets   etc.)The Learning Scenario can take two sessions of 45 minutes.It is presented as a learning activity here: 
The teacher presents the learning activity
This poem is taken from the book “The Poems of Dylan Thomas”The teacher explains what the activity is, how it relates to what the students are learning. The teacher lists the objectives of the activity and what students should be able to do at the end.
Activity 1: Meet the author
Let us start by reading about the author, Dylan ThomasRead about the life and work of Dylan Thomas using the Wikipedia link provided next.

You will then be asked to list at least one fact you found interesting about the author and write a question you would like to ask the author. Read this wikipedia page about Dylan Thomas
Use the Padlet to list at least one fact you found interesting about Dylan Thomas, and write a question that you would like to ask him. You can also add questions to quiz your classmates! Dylan Thomas PadletA screenshot of a chat

Description automatically generated
Activity 2: Read the poem
The poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” by Dylan Thomas is a villanelle, a 19-line form of poetry with a specific structure, and it is known for its passionate and emotional appeal. The poem’s central theme is the defiance of death and the idea that one should resist the approach of death with strength and vitality.
The phrase “Do not go gentle into that good night” serves as the refrain throughout the poem, repeating in the first and third lines of every stanza. This refrain emphasizes the poet’s call to action, urging people not to accept death passively but to fight against it with vigor and determination. Read the poem, Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas.

Activity 3: Reflect and check your understanding!
So, what did you think of the poem?

Now … Let’s answer the following questions. You can always refer to the text for support.
What is the central theme of Dylan Thomas’s poem?
– The acceptance of death
– The inevitability of aging
– The resistance to death
– The tranquility of the afterlife

What does the refrain “Do not go gentle into that good night” suggest?
– Embracing death peacefully
– Resisting death with all one’s might
– Welcoming death as a friend
– Ignoring the approach of death

Who is the poem addressed to in various stanzas?
– Only the poet’s father
– Various individuals facing death
– Religious figures
– The poet’s family members

In the poem, what do “wise men” and “good men” symbolize?
– People who have made poor choices in life
– People who have led virtuous and intelligent lives
– Scholars and philosophers
-Religious leaders

What is the poet’s relationship with his father in the poem?
– He resents his father’s choices
– He admires his father’s wisdom
– He mourns his father’s death
– He rejects his father’s advice.

Activity 4: Let’s talk
Go back to the Padlet and write down how did the poem made you feel. Let’s share emotions. Go next to see the Padlet. Dylan Thomas Padlet

Activity 5: Beyond the story! Michael Sheen performing ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ for Dylan Thomas Day. From the National Theatre in London
Create an artwork of your own based on the poem. In can be a drawing, a poster, a digital work or whatever is more suitable for you.